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Share your story or experience with Frank

Frank Flaman led an extraordinary life and made a difference in the lives of so many people, near and far. 

We would like to create a compilation of stories about Frank and the lives he touched, filled with unforgettable moments, funny memories, inspiring impact, crazy adventures, incredible dreams and so much more!

We invite you to share your story or experience with Frank and be a part of this  compilation that will inspire, evoke laughter and tears and explore the remarkable life that Frank lived. The compilation will be available on this website in digital format and we hope to create a print book as well, with photos, stories and cherished memories.

With Frank as a treasured example that anything, and everything, is possible when we live with a generous heart, a clear vision and big dreams, we are certain that his legacy will live on - through all of us and the difference he has made in our lives! 

Please share your story, in your own words. You are welcome to share several stories if you please feel free to submit as many different experiences with Frank that you have. Please don't worry about grammar and note that you are welcome to share your story or experience in point form. We'll be in touch to help with any grammer and so on. 

Please reach out to Crystal at or 250-215-2903 if you have any questions about this very special project. 

Thank you. 


Please share your story here...

Upload a photo if you have one here

Thank you for sharing your story! We look forward to connecting with you to collaborate and add your story to the digital and print compilations being created to honour the extraordinary life of Frank Flaman. 

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