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Donation Request

Thank you for your interest in funding from the Frank Flaman Foundation.  We require the following information in your request.

The mandate of the Flaman Foundation is to support families and children in need of basic necessities of life, locally and around the world. Specific focus at the current time is to focus on the needs of families and children on a more local level in the following areas: food availability, shelter, supporting basic education, water and safety.  Only requests for funding from a Canadian registered charity that falls within the mandate of the Flaman Foundation will be considered.

Please note: all charities are required to submit their last three years of financials as part of the evaluation process. Only donation requests with attached financials will be considered complete applications and submitted for evaluation to the board of directors.


The Flaman Foundation Board meets every quarter and your organization will be notified if the Foundation is able to support the work you are doing at that time.

Please fill out the following form in as much detail as possible to aid in the evaluation process. Thank you.

Please complete the following in your funding request:

Upload recent financial stmts

Thanks for submitting your donation request.
We will be in touch in the coming weeks with any questions and/or decisions made by the board. Please note that the board meets 4x/year so it may be a few months before we are able to provide you with information about your submission. Thanks so much. 

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