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A Man Who Made A Difference

With heartfelt emotion, we share the news that Frank Flaman passed away recently, just shy of his 90th birthday. Please find below, a copy of the obituary for a man who spent his life following his dreams, forging his own path and making the world so much better and brighter for all, along the way.

Find a copy of the funeral program here:

Frank Flaman Obituary Final
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A few words about Frank Flaman, from his obituary. Frank will be fondly remembered for his kindness and generosity, his remarkable vision, astute business skills, his enormous philanthropic efforts and the incredible legacy that will live on.

Frank was born on December 31, 1933, in Southey, Saskatchewan and passed away peacefully in Edmonton, Alberta on October 9, 2023.

Frank was the seventh child of Karl Flaman and Katherine Dengler. He was raised on the family farm just north of Southey and, in 1949, moved to Regina with his parents and his sister, Marlene. Frank graduated from Campion High School in Regina in 1952. In 1955, Frank married

Bernice Pletz from Lipton, and they returned to the family farm north of Southey to begin their lives as a married couple. Together, they raised ten children, and during the early years, they also started a family business from the farm. Frank was a dreamer with lofty ideas, and Bernice provided her practical, no-nonsense approach to bring them to fruition. The initial purchase and sale of grain bins became the starting point of what is now a thriving, diverse group of companies.

Frank had a sense of adventure and he loved to pull harmless pranks. He also loved spontaneity. In 1969, he and Bernice loaded up a refurbished old school bus and headed to Mexico with their

seven children. They spent the next four months touring Mexico and discovering a new culture. It was a trip that had a lasting impact and gave his children the desire to travel.

A day, or even an hour spent with Frank would often include unexpected experiences, and if you were accompanying him by car or the small plane he piloted, it was wise to pack an overnight

bag because you never quite knew when you would be back. Frank obtained his pilot’s license in 1972 and flew all over North America and Mexico, but he was happiest flying over the Prairies, landing in farmers’ fields to visit friends and customers. There was never a dull

moment when Frank was around.

Frank was a very successful businessman, and in 2005, he established the Frank J. Flaman Foundation. He used profits from his company to fund the Foundation and over the years, it has supported many local and global charities. His generosity has made a difference to many lives, both at home and in several developing countries. The Foundation will live on and continue to build on the legacy that Frank created.

We will miss Dad’s gentle manner, mischievous sense of humour, innate love for adventure, which he passed on to all of us, and his generosity to those less fortunate. He believed in the good in people, and he believed in possibility.

Frank is survived by his second wife, Ruby; his ten children, Kate, Rudy, Fran, Cindy, Don, Carmel, Steve, Crystal, Carla, and Gwen; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his sister, Marlene, and colleague and dear friend, Rocky Amson.

Special thanks to the wonderful Windermere Manor (Exquisicare) and Devonshire staff for taking such great care of our dad for the past several years.

Frank always looked for ways to do something to help those in need. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Frank J. Flaman

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